Perfect Florence itineraries

How long should you spend in Florence? Whether you have one day or three in Florence, Italy, here's how to spend that time

I've spent months upon months in Florence doing nothing but research the tourism side of the city, and still have not seen it all. Still, you can probably cram in the greatest hits in two or three packed days.

Then again, I'm not on your vacation schedule, and for all I know you have but a single precious day to spend on the wonders of the Cradle of the Renaissance.

With that in mind, here are several perfect itineraries that'll help you pack as much sightseeing as possible into however much time you have to spend in Florence.

I'll only bother providing schedules for one, two, and three days in Florence —I figure, if you have more time that that, you'll really start branching out into lesser-known sights and experiences that appeal to you personally, and who am I to tell you what to do? To that end, I've also compiled a quick list of the top sights in Florence.

An alternative day in Florence

Keep in mind: these itineraries are designed for the first-time visitor who wants to be sure he or she gets to all the highlights—all the must-sees. But what if you want to avoid the crowds that pack those highlights, or you've already done the UffiziThe David, and the Duomo and are looking for less famous—but still rewarding—sights?

As luck would have it, I have whipped up Reid's List of Florence sights and experiences devoted entirely to this purpose. These are sights from the B-list (sometimes the C-list) that I happen to love and that are definitely worthy of your time—in some cases, perhaps more worthy than some of the more famous sights.

What the grey and blue time bubbles mean

Since this itinerary takes into account travel time (walking, taking the Tube, driving, whatever),

  • The times in grey circles are the times by which you need to start moving in order to go to the next stop.
  • The times in blue circles are the times by which you should arrive at that stop to begin the fun.

How to get the most out of just 24 hours in Florence


How to make the most of a day and a half in Florence


How to get the most out of just two days in Florence


How to get the most out of just three days in Florence

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