A guide to Italian retail therapy: shopping, VAT, haggling, customs, and souvenir-buying in Italy

Whether you view a trip to Europe as just one long shopping trip or merely want to pick up a few souvenirs and the occasional hand-crafted product on your adventure, I've got some good tips and resources for you.

Whatever your shopping style or inclinations, this section will fill you in on what you need to know to be a smart shopper in Italy, from best buys and size charts to VAT refunds, customs concerns, duty-free shopping, and haggling hints.

 (Photo by Zhanyanguange (Duty Free))

The difference between customs, IVA/VAT taxes, and duty-free shopping

VAT is the built-in national sales tax in France (Photo altered from Images Money)

Taxes in Italy and how you may be able to get some of that 22% IVA (VAT) refunded is you spend more than €155 in a single store

 (Photo by Zhanyanguange)

Just what are Duty Free Stores in airports and when is Duty Free shopping a savings?

A U.S. Customs form (Photo © Reid Bramblett)

What you can and cannot bring home with you from your travels

Shopping advice (Photo )

Top shopping tips for a trip to Italy to help you bring home the best gifts and souvenirs from your Italian travels at the best price

 (Photo )

I'm a size what? European clothing sizes measures and shoe sizes and how to convert American clothes sizes to European (and British) ones

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