Transportation to & in Italy

Transportation options to and within Italy, Transport, Italy, Italy (Photo icons courtesy of AIGA, illustration by Reid Bramblett)
Transportation options to and within Italy

Getting to Italy and getting around Italy: trains, planes, rental cars, low-cost airlines and long-distance coaches

 (Photo courtesy of Alitalia)

Finding the cheapest airfare, air travel comfort, no-frills airlines, baggage restrictions, and more

A 14-day G Adventures tour of Italy includes Rome, Florence, Venice, the Cinque Terre, Lake Como, Pisa, Siena, and the Tuscan wine town of Montepulciano

Guided, escorted, specialty, and packaged tours to Italy

Rail travel (Photo by Don Burgess)

Rail travel in Italy

Speed limits in Italy

Renting a car and driving in Italy

A Flixbus in Italy (Photo Public Domain)

Long-distance bus travel in Italy

Cruising in Venice

Cruises to or from Italy

Don't be like these Sorrento scooter riders; wear a helmet, and keep both hands on the handlebars (I also wouldn't wear sandals) (Photo © Reid Bramblett)

Stay safe while driving a motorino in Italy

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