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Plans for Santa Maria dei Miracoli (1481–89) by Renaissance architect Pietro Lombardo, and San Giorgio dei Greci (1548–92) by Renaissance architect Sante Lombardo and Giannantonio Chiona, both in Venice from the History of Architecture (Fletcher), pg 735

Art and architecture in Italy


From ancient Romans, Greeks, and Etruscans to the Renaissance to World War II, a brief primer on Italian history


The mysteries of the metric system


Famous people throughout Italian history

Tuscany is lovely in every season (Photo clockwise from upper left: courtesy of Massimo Telò, Visittuscany, Camerone, KoenM)

The best time to go to Italy — Seasons, weather, and other considerations

This McDonald's in Sicily offers free and unlimited WiFi (not that you should eat there, but you can pick up its signal just fine sitting on the sea wall across the street) (Photo © Reid Bramblett)

WiFi floats all around Italy's major cities these days

 (Photo by Neville Nel)

In vino veritas—the wines of Italy