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Where the Civitavecchia docks are in relation to the train station

How to get to Rome, Italy, by train and airplane

Informazioni turistiche (tourist information) (Photo )

The tourism information office of Rome


How to see the best of Rome, whether you have half a day or a full week

The Traffic Light Tree is a a 1998 sculpture by Pierre Vivant, not a real traffic signal, but still indicative of how confusing it can be to drive in Paris.

From the Metro (subway) and the bus to taxis, shared bikes, and other transportation options in Rome


Typical prices and costs in Rome faced by visitors and tourists


General Rome safety info, hospitals and pharmacies, emergency numbers, pickpockets, and more

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When is the best time to travel to Rome, Italy? (Hint: It's not August)

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The most useful hints, tips, and advice for a Rome trip


Enjoy free admission to various Rome sights and monuments (along with skip-the-line privileges), plus discounts at other attractions

Transportation options to and within Italy (Photo icons courtesy of AIGA, illustration by Reid Bramblett)

Getting to Italy and getting around Italy: trains, planes, rental cars, low-cost airlines and long-distance coaches

Travel info (Photo by Bobafred)

Tourist information, guidebooks, maps, tips for niche groups (students, LGBT, seniors, disabled, etc.), and more in Italy

Berware data roaming without an international plan when abroad

Keeping in touch while traveling—Cellphones and Skype, mail and roaming fees, and how to call to, from, and within Italy

Those peanuts in the minibar don't cost just peanuts—they cost €7! And since when was a bottle of water worth €4.25?

From emergency numbers and hospitals to pickpockets and general safety issues

You'd pay a 3% foreign transaction fee on all purchases with this Chase Visa card (and many others)

From credit cards, cash, and ATMS to VAT refunds, travelers checks, and customs limits in Italy

Transportation options to and within Italy

All those boring but necessary travel details: passports, entry visas, trip insurance, health insurance, customs regulations, and all the other super-fun pre-trip preparations

Not my gear, but pretty close to what I pack (save the helmet) (Photo by cmor15)

From travel speciality clothes and gear to bags and currency converters

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