Sorrento's Spiaggia San Francesco "beach" ☆☆

The bathing piers of Sorrento

For swiming in Sorrento, most folks use the Spiaggia San Francesco, a series of piers jutting out over the rocks from the few scraps of pebble and black sand beaches (which rarely get sun) at the base of the town's cliff.

They are open April to October.

All of these piers are private (read: pay, usually €5 ($6)–€9 ($11) to enter and get an umbrella; more if you want an chair and/or changing cabin). They do, however, also offer showers and changing cabins, snack bars and restaurants, and paddle boat and kayak rentals.

They are all pretty interchangeable. Bagni Salvatore has the claim to fame of being built on the remains of Arippa Postumo's ancient Roman villa, evidenced by a brick niche in the wall (the rest of its remains you can sometimes just make out under the water).

How to get to the swimming piers in Sorrento

You can walk around the from ferry docks at Marina Piccola, or ride one of the public elevators on Piazza Francesco Saverio Gargiulo in the Villa Comunale (tel. +39-081-807-2543, These elevators charge €1 ($1) (or €1.90 ($2) round-trip) and operate all year round with varying hours:

  • June-Sept: 7:30am–1am
  • May: 7:30am–midnight
  • Apr & Oct: 7:30am–11pm
  • Nov-Mar 7:30am–8:30pm