Intarsia (inlaid wood mosaics) ☆☆

A room in the museum, Intarsia, Sorrento, Italy (Photo by Filippo Espo)
A room in the museum, Museo Correale, Sorrento

Visiting the marquetry woodworkers of Sorrento

Sorrento's greatest craft is intarsia (wood inlay)—whether artistic panels in a Classical style for the Duomo doors and choir stalls or simple post-modern patterns on jewelry boxes, tabletops, picture frames, or other souvenirs for the tourist trade.

There's now a local museum devoted to the craft, the Museo Bottega della Tarsia Lignea—but why pay €8 ($9) admission to see the stuff when you can see it for free at active workshops?


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Sights in Sorrento

A room in the museum (Photo by Filippo Espo)
Museo Correale
Downtown Sorrento

A small, bit-of-everything museum

Intarsia being assembled by Giuseppe Rocco

The intarsia (wood inlay) museum of 19th century Sorrento

The Duomo
Downtown Sorrento

The Renaissance Cathedral in Sorrento has some fine intarsia (inlaid wood) work on its doors (1990s) and the choir stalls (1930s)


Experiences in Sorrento

Intarsia being assembled by Giuseppe Rocco (Photo © Reid Bramblett)
Intarsia: Giuseppe Rocco
Downtown Sorrento

The artisans of Sorrento part I: Maestro Giuseppe Rocco

Intarsia being assembled by the Stinga Brothers (Photo © Reid Bramblett)

The artisans of Sorrento part II: The Brothers Stinga