Lombardy (Lombardia)

From mighty Milan to the shores of Lake Como backed by the cut-glass peaks of the Alps, Lombardia is Italy's wealthiest region

Lombardy (Lombardia) is Italy’s wealthiest province, an industrial, financial, and agricultural powerhouse named for the Lombards, a Germanic people who migrated south over the Alps in the early Dark Ages (they were part of the barbarian hordes that overran the Roman Empire).

Beyond its Po Valley factories and cities, the scenic diversity of this prosperous region ranges from legendary lakes like Como, Garda, and Maggiore backed by Alpine peaks to the fertile plains of the Po River.

The region’s capital, Milan (Milano)—hotbed of high fashion, high finance, and avant-garde design—is a city of great art and architecture (Leonardo’s Last Supper is but the beginning), and the region’s Renaissance past is still much in evidence in mountain town Bergamo, merchant city Mantua (Mantova), musical Cremona (where Stradivarius once crafted his violins), and the other cities of the Lombard plains.

Piazza del Duomo with the mighty Gothic cathedral (Photo by Irene Grassi)

Milan is Italy's economic powerhouse, a bustling modern city of finance and industry, media empires and fashion houses, political lions and Michelin-starred restaurants. It also boasts an impressive cultural heritage of important art galleries and ancient churches


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