Piemonte (Piedmont)

Piemonte, or Piedmont, lies in the very northwestern corner of Italy, tucked between France and (just north of the tiny autonomous region of Valle d'Aosta) Switzerland

Piemonte is the region where they keep Torino, or Turin, of Shroud and Olympics fame; Asti, of spumanti sparkling wine fame; the more interesting, western shores of Lake Maggiore, of Borromean Islands fame (and the amazing, but little visited, Lake Orta); and the Langhe and Roero Piemonte wine region, of Barolo, Barbera, and Barbaresco fame.

Piemonte is also the region where the modern state of Italy began, in the 1860s, when Savoy King Vittorio Emanuele II decided to re-unite the various republics, kingdoms, duchies, and Papal States of the peninsula—which hadn't been united since the fall of the Roman Empire—and create a new Kingdom of Italy.

Places in Piemonte

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