Arriving in the Amalfi Coast by plane

Connections between the Naples airport (or Rome airport) and the Amalfi Coast

If your vacation plans start in the Amalfi Coast and you need to head here directly from an airport, here's how.

To the Amalfi Coast from the Naples airport

By shuttle bus to Sorrento (€10) + bus to Amalfi Coast (€1.80–€3.40) (Total: €10–€14)

If you're arriving by air in Naples, the cheapest (€10) easy way to get from the Naples airport to Sorrento is to take the Curreri bus service (, which leaves six times daily from 9am to 7pm, makes several stops along the way, and arrives at Sorrento in about an hour.

From Sorrento, you can catch an Amalfi Coast bus (€1.80–€3.40) to continue on to the Amalfi Coast town of your choice.

By private car service to Sorrento or the Amalfi Coast (€19–€68)

If you want quicker door-to-door service, you can have a private car service pick you up at the Naples airport and drive you directly to any major Amalfi Coast town:

The price varies widely depending on how far you are going and how many in your party, from as little as $21–$28 per person for 6–8 people to get to Sorrento, and as high as $70–$75 per person for two people to get to a town on the Amalfi Coast itself.

By taxi (€100–€135)

Taxis from the Naples airport charge fixed costs: €100 to Sorrento, €120 to Positano, €130 to Amalfi, €135 to Ravello.

I've crunched the numbers, and for two or three people, a taxi costs about the same as a private car service—though you do have to wait in the taxi line, rather than just finding the guy with your name on a sign waiting just past the luggage pick-up area.

(For more than three people—who will have to split up into two taxis—a car service will usually be cheaper.)

» The Naples airport

From the Rome airport

Rome's Fiumicino airport is a good 300km (186 miles) north of the Amalfi Coast, so getting there is going to be either time-consuming, costly, or both.

By public transportation (5–8 hours; €45–€65)

To go the whole way by public transportation is a four-step process:

  1. Take the airport train from Fiumicino to Roma Termini train station (32 min; €14)
  2. Take a train from Rome to Napoli Centrale train station (70–125 min; €26–€43)
  3. Take the Circumvesuviana commuter rail from Naples to Sorrento (66 min; €3.60–€4.50)
  4. Take the Amalfi Coast bus from Sorrento to your Amalfi Coast town (60–120 min; €1.80–€3.40)

Even if you luck into quick transfers—padding in a ridiculously tight 20 minutes at each stop to figure out where to go next, buy tickets, and get to the platform/bus stop (figuring 30–40 minutes would be wiser)—this is going to take a bare minimum of 5 hours.

Since you are not likely to stumble upon the next train/bus leaving right as you get there, but will likely have some short layovers along the way at every transfer, I'd budget at least 7 hours.

By car or car service (3–3.5 hours; €107–€293)

With moderate traffic, the drive takes about 3 hours to Sorrento, 3.5 to 4 hours to the Amalfi Coast itself, whether by rented car (this page has directions) or private car service.

Yes, there are private airport shuttles all the way from and to Rome. You can have a private shuttle service pick you up at the Rome Fiumicino airport—or any Rome hotel—and drive you directly to Naples, Sorrento, or any major Amalfi Coast town (and vice-versa):

This is not cheap—from $119 per person for 7–8 people, up to $326 per person for a couple—but you are paying for door-to-door service on a three-hour car trip, so it's really not that bad.

» The Rome airport

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  • Airport transfers (Rome):
  • Bus (total: €28–€30; 5+ hr): (bus Sorrento-Roma Tiburtina; €20–€22; 4 hr) + (train Tiburtina-airport; €8, 48 min)
  • Private (€65–€120; 3 hr): (note: Rome airport or hotel to Sorento or any Amalfi Coast town)
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How long does the Amalfi Coast take?

Planning your time: Budget at least a day for the Amalfi Coast. Simply to drive the coast without getting out (except to change buses in Amalfi) takes at least five hours—that's three hours touring the coast from Sorrento to Salerno, plus another hour on each end to get to and from those gateway towns.

If you do want to pack it all into a single day—and actually stop and get out in a few towns—it might be best to just book a tour that picks you up at your hotel, gives you time in each of the main Amalfi Coast towns, and returns you to your hotel 6–9 hours later:

  • From Sorrento, group tours start from $40, private drivers from $60, and private tours from $90. » book
  • From Naples, group tours start from $97, private drivers from $55, and private tours from $85. » book

Otherwise, it makes far more sense to spend at least one night on the coast.

If, however, your schedule doesn't have that much leisure time, might I suggest riding the first leg—from Sorrento to Positano to Amalfi—taking a quick spin around Amalfi town, then catching a ferry either back up the coast to Sorrento or over to Capri.

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  • Airport transfers (Rome):
  • Bus (total: €28–€30; 5+ hr): (bus Sorrento-Roma Tiburtina; €20–€22; 4 hr) + (train Tiburtina-airport; €8, 48 min)
  • Private (€65–€120; 3 hr): (note: Rome airport or hotel to Sorento or any Amalfi Coast town)

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