Nuraghe Su Naraxi

The most magnificent of Sardinia's prehistoric Nuraghic castles and villages

Outside the town of Barumini are perhaps the most famous prehistoric ruins in all of Sardegna, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Nuraghe Su Naraxi.

A guided tour takes you through the remains of the central castle—which looks and feels like a small medieval fortress but was actually built some 3,500 years ago, and is one of the few nuraghe that still retains parts of its upper levels—then sets you free to roam the labyrinthine remains of the 12th century BC village that sprang up around the castle.

Make a day of it with lunch at Barumini's noted Sa Lolla, famous for its excellent preparations of traditional Barbagia cuisine, like malloreddus alla campadinese (thick little handmade semolina pasta shells in a tomato and sausage sauce) and savada (a sinful dessert of crisp-fried pastry puffed around a layer of melted cheese, served hot and drizzled with honey).


  • Nuraghe Su Nuraxi. Just east of Barumini. Tel. +39-070-936-8128. €7.

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