The city of Alghero in Sardinia

The gateway to Stintino is the airport outside Alghero, a fishing port about an hour's drive south.

Alghero is well worth a visit for its lovely medieval center and quirky status as a cultural outpost of the Spanish region of Catalunya. In fact, some around here still call it Barceloneta ("Little Barcelona"), and the local dialect is neither Italian nor Sardegnan but Catalan (street signs are bilingual).

There's little specifically to do here, just to wander the pebble-cobbled streets, shop for Alghero's famous blood-red coral jewelry, stroll the imposing stone ramparts by the sea, and enjoy sumtuous Catalan cuisine in the tiny restaurant of Al Tugari behind the cathedral.

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Where to eat in Alghero

  • Al Tuguri. Benito Carbonella and his family run an old-fashioned restaurant of old-fashioned flavors tucked away in the heart of Alghero's streets—not that he's wedded to tradition. His idea is to take Sardegna ingredients and create dishes on the fly, depending on whatever's fresh and in season. It's the kind of place where you feel half like family, half like an honored guest. In other words: Perfect. Via Maiorca 113, Alghero. Tel. +39-079-976-772, Meals from €50.

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Alghero tourist office
Piazza Porta Terra 9, Alghero
Tel. +39-079-979-054

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Alghero tourist office
Piazza Porta Terra 9, Alghero
Tel. +39-079-979-054

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