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Most Stromboli hotels offer meal deals (mezza pensione, or "half-pension", means you get breakfast and dinner; pensione completa, or full-pension, means all three meals)—and some require it in high season, especially in August.

For lunch—or if you can wiggle out of the pension requirement:

No stromboli on Stromboli
For the record: no, you cannot eat a stromboli on Stromboli. Those baked roll-ups of bread, cheese, salamis, cheese, etc. are an Italian-American innovation (just like spaghetti and meatballs, or hoagies/grinders/ subs). Stromboli were invented in the 1950s near my hometown of Philly, and named after the Rossellini/Ingrid Bergman movie. The closest you can get in Italy is a calzone (basically a pizza folded in half)—and I can't recall even seeing that on any menu on Stromboli. Sorry.
Surprisingly cheap (for Stromboli), surprisingly good, La Trottola offers helpful, if a bit slow, service and terrific spaghetti alla bolognese (in a ragù) and pennette alla strombolana (with tomaotes, olives, capers, and tuna). If possible, sit on the breezy terrace, shaded by bamboo mats and a lemon tree, surrounded by the rustling sound of reeds and a sliver view of the sea. Their best secondi are the simplest: petti di pollo arrosto (roast chicken breasts) and pesce spada alla pizzaiola (swordfish steak under tomato sauce and cheese). The pizza is pretty good, too.
Via Roma 32-34 (on the main road, just up from the port). tel. +39-090-986-046. No credit cards. Open daily. Closed Oct-Easter (except pizzeria, which opens Sat and Sun year-round).

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