Siena restaurants

Osteria La Chiacchera, Siena
Osteria La Chiacchera.

Recommended restaurants in Siena

★★ Osteria le Logge - The best among Siena's more refined, pricey restaurants (more full of locals than tourists) features a friendly and helpful wait staff, a decor that hearkens back to the space's former life as a Renaissance pharmacy, and elegant versions of typical Sienese and Tuscan dishes. Via del Porrione 33 (just off the Campo ), tel. +39-0577-48-013,; Closed Sundays and November 15 to December 6.

★★ Antica Osteria da Divo - This is part of a new breed of Italian restaurant, serving creative Sienese cuisine in a funky setting of airy brick, stone, and wood storehouses with tables wedged into the remains of worn Etruscan tombs carved from the tufa bedrock in the back and basement. Via Franciosa 29 (around the corner and down from left flank of the Duomo ), tel. +39-0577-286-054;

Castelvecchio - Simone Romi's service makes the single room feel intimate, and Mauro Lombardini’s skill in the kitchen brings forth a daily menu of creative Tuscan cuisine based in the freshest ingredients. This classy level of taste, atmosphere, and service usually costs three times as much. They also always offer a vegetarian option—in fact, Wednesday menus are almost entirely meatless. Via Castelvecchio 65, off Via San Pietro, tel. +39-0577-49-586. Closed Tuesdays.

La Torre - Even though it's just two doors off Siena's main square, tourists haven't discovered this down-home trattori, its kitchen open to the dining room and turning out homemade pastas and traditional Tuscan dishes. Via Salicotto 7-9, tel. +39-0577-287-548. Closed Thursdays and the second half of August.

Osteria La Chiacchera - Next-door to St. Catherine's house, the brick floor of cozy "the chatterbox" is scattered with little wood tables packed with locals. A great place for an inexpensive, simple meal. Desserts are stupendous. Costa di Sant’Antonio 4, tel. +39-0577-280-631,


Italian dining phrases
English (Inglese) Italian (Italiano) Pro-nun-cee-YAY-shun
Good day Buon giorno bwohn JOUR-noh
Good evening Buona sera BWOH-nah SAIR-rah
Good night Buona notte BWOH-nah NOTE-tay
Goodbye Arrivederci ah-ree-vah-DAIR-chee
Excuse me (to get attention) Scusi SKOO-zee
thank you grazie GRAT-tzee-yay
please per favore pair fa-VOHR-ray
yes si see
no no no
Do you speak English? Parla Inglese? PAR-la een-GLAY-zay
I don't understand Non capisco non ka-PEESK-koh
I'm sorry Mi dispiace mee dees-pee-YAT-chay
Where is? Dov'é doh-VAY
...a restaurant un ristorante oon rees toh-RAHN-tay
...a casual restaurant una trattoria
oo-nah trah-toar-RHEE-yah
oon ohst-air-EE-yah
I would like to reserve... Vorrei prenotare... voar-RAY pray-note-ARE-eh
a table for two una tavola per due oo-nah TAH-voal-lah pair DOO-way
...for 7pm per le sette pair lay SET-tay
...for 7:30pm per le sette e mezzo pair lay SET-tay eh MET-tzoh
...for 8pm per le otto pair lay OH-toh
I would like Vorrei... voar-RAY
...some (of) un pó (di) oon POH (dee)
...this questo KWAY-sto
...that quello KWEL-loh
chicken pollo POL-loh
steak bistecca bee-STEAK-ah
veal vitello vee-TEL-oh
fish pesce PEH-shay
meat carne KAR-neh
I am vegetarian sono vegetariano SO-no veg-eh-tair-ee-YAH-no
side dish [veggies always come seperately] cotorno kon-TOR-no
dessert dolce DOAL-chay
and e ay
...a glass of un bicchiere di oon bee-key-YAIR-eh dee
...a bottle of una bottiglia di oo-na boh-TEEL-ya dee
...a half-liter of mezzo litro di MET-tzoh LEE-tro dee
...fizzy water acqua gassata AH-kwah gah-SAHT-tah
...still water acqua non gassata AH-kwah noan gah-SAHT-tah wine vino rosso VEE-noh ROH-so
...white wine vino bianco VEE-noh bee-YAHN-koh birra BEER-a
Check, please Il conto, per favore eel COAN-toh pair fah-VOAR-eh
Is service included? É incluso il servizio? ay een-CLOU-so eel sair-VEET-zee-yo
Try the pici

This region’s traditional pasta is pici, a kind of fat, hand-rolled spaghetti served in a variety of sauces.

Typical Sienese sweets

Siena is famous for its desserts, including:

  • Panforte, possibly the world’s only edible fruitcake.
  • Torrone, a hard kind of nougat, usually studded with almonds or other nuts.
  • Ricciarelli, softy marzipan-based cookies.
Siena tourist information

Siena tourist information office
Piazza del Campo 56
tel. +39-0577-280-551

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Recommended hotels in Siena

★★★ Residenza d'Epoca Palazzo Fani Mignanelli [€€€]
★★ Hotel Cannon d'Oro [€€]
★★ Hotel Duomo [€€–€€€]
★★ B&B Il Corso [€€€]
★★ Piccolo Hotel Etruria [€€–€€€]
Hotel Antica Torre [€€€]
Hotel Chiusarelli [€-€€]

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Siena info
Siena tourist information office
Piazza del Campo 56
tel. +39-0577-280-551

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