Taxis in Rome

Getting around Rome by taxi cab

Although you can reach most of Rome's sights easily by bus or foot, trips from the airport or the train station to your hotel might be more comfortable in a taxi.

How to find taxis in Rome

There are 40 taxi ranks in central Rome located at major piazze such as Piazza Venezia, Largo Argentina, Piazza di Spagna (foot of the Spanish Steps), and Piazza del Cinquecento (in front of Stazione Termini). They also congregate in smaller groups near the major tourist sites, such as the Pantheon and the Colosseum.

For more on Rome's general layout—its major streets, squares, and neighborhoods—click here.

Though it is possible to flag down a passing cab as is the norm in the States, it's not really the way things are done in Rome.

You should either go to a taxi rank—a place where taxis sit waiting (pick the nearest piazza or major sight and your chances are good)—or call ahead for one.

You can order up a radio taxi by calling tel. 06-0609 (or using the taxi app, available via and the closest cab will respond—but this adds €3.50 to the fare.

Taxi charges in Rome

Initial charge

  • The "flag fall" initial charge for using a taxi cab in Rome is €3.
  • Sundays and holidays the initial charge is €4.50.
  • Night fares—between 10pm and 6pm—start at €6.50. (Though women alone get a 10% discount off any night fare.)

The per-kilometer rate

The fare ticks off at a steady rate that rises the farther you ride:

  • T1 period (first €11): €1.10 per km.
  • T2 period (€11–€13): €1.30/km.
  • T3 period (over €13): €1.60/km.

(If your speed drops below 20 kmph—in traffic and at lights—the fare ticks along at €27 per hour, or €0.45/minute)

Taxis to/from the airport

There are official flat fares between Rome's airports and anywhere within the Aurelian Walls (really, all of central Rome). This covers up to four passengers with one piece of luggage each. Any cabbie who tries to charge you more than the rates below (unless it's €1 each for extra passengers or bags) is scamming you.

Extra charges

  • The first piece of luggage is free; additional bags cost €1 each.
  • Extra passengers (beyond four) cost €1 each.
  • If you call a taxi ("Radiotaxi"), €3.50 is added to the fare.


You get a 10% discount on all fares under the following conditions:

  • To any civic hospital.
  • For solo women between 10pm and 6am.
  • For youths leaving discotheques and other nightspots.

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