Vatican Chapel of Nicholas V

The Vatican's Cappella Niccolina (Chapel of Nicholas V) was frescoed by Fra' Angelico

Vatican Museums—Cappella Niccolina
Viale Vaticano (on the north side of the Vatican City walls, between where Via Santamaura and the Via Tunisi staircase hit Viale Vaticano; about a 5–10 minute walk around the walls from St. Peter's).
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Beato Angelico freosced the Capella Niccolinia, or Chapel of Nicholas V, in the Vatican
Beato Angelico frescoed the Cappella Niccolina, or Chapel of Nicholas V, in the Vatican.
After visiting the Raphael Rooms' Sala di Constantino, you pop out into the Sala dei Chiaroscuro, with a 16th-century wooden ceiling bearing the Medici arms and a little doorway in the corner many people miss and most tour groups skip. Their loss.

Through this doorway is the Vatican's most gorgeous hidden corner, the closet-size Chapel of Nicholas V (1447–49), colorfully frescoed floor-to-ceiling with gentle, early Renaissance Tuscan genius by that devout little monk of a painter, Fra' Angelico.

Sadly, for some reason (crowd control, I imagine) authorities have recently begun putting a bar across the doorway so you can't actually enter the room. The best you can do is sort of lean over the bar and crane your neck for a peek at these glorious frescoes.

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