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How to get to and from the Milan Malpensa airport

Milan has two airports (both: The old Milan Linate is largely served by Alitalia and other domestic and European flights. The larger, newer Milan Malpensa is the main airport for international flights—though it is actually closer to Lake Como than it is to Milan.

The nickname for Malpensa is malpensata—which means "poorly-thought-out." When it first opened at the turn of the millennium, there wasn't even realiable public transportation out to it (sadly normal in the USA, but unheard-of in Europe). Luckily, that has been fixed—sort of.

How to get between downtown Milan and Malpensa airport

Trains between Milan and Malpensa airport

How to get to Milan from the Bergamo airport
A few low-cost airlines (primarily Ryanair and Wizz) try to pretend that Bergamo/Orio al Serio Airport is "Milan." It is not. Bergamo is a (lovely) little city roughly 50kilometers east of Milan—but you can get to downtown Milan directly from Bergamo airport on a Terravision bus ( in 60 min. for €5. Buses leave to/from Milano Centrale rail station every 20–30 min.
The fastest, most frequent trains from downtown Milan to Malpensa airport ( do not leave from the main Milano-Centrale train station, but from the secondary Milano-Cadorna station—leaving every half-hour for a ride of 29 minutes.

There are some trains from Milano-Centrale, but only 26 a day, and they take 52–72 minutes.

Buses between Milan and Malpensa airport

There are also buses leaving every 20 minutes from around the right (east) side of the Milano-Centrale train station run by two companies ( and

This ride takes 45–50 minutes. It costs roughly the same as the train, but with more frequent and slightly faster service.

Taxis between Milan and Malpensa airport


Seriously. The legal, fixed fare—the cheapest rate you'll find—is a full €90 (that's around $120). Do not bother. Take a private transfer car service instead.

Private transfer car services between Milan and Malpensa airport

Our partners at offer private car transfer services to or from the Milan airport for just $36:

How to get between Milan and Linate airprot

Frankly, most arrivals at Milano Linate airport—just 7km from the city center—are from within Italy or elsewhere in Europe, largely on Alitalia, with some on Air France, B.A., Iberia, etc.—though there are a few easyJet flights from London and Paris that land here.

Milan public ATM buses 73 and X73 ( make the trip from central Piazza San Babila, behind the Duomo, in just 25 minutes, with departures every 10 minutes or so for the standard €1.50 ticket.

There is also a bus no. 90 from Via Tonale, around the left (west) side of Milano-Centrale train station, every half-hour that takes 30 minutes.

Taxis charge an exorbitant flat rate of €50 ($65), so if it's a car transfer you;re after, try out partners at and their private car transfer services to or from Linate airport for $36:


Milan airport info
tel. +39-02-232-323

Milan's public transportation
Foro Buonaparte, 61
tel. +39-02-48-607-607

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