Enna from afar
The ancient city of Enna, deep in the Sicilian interior.

A travel guide to Enna, the capital of central Sicily

Why Enna?

Enna is one of Sicily's most ancient centers, inhabited long before the 15th-century BC Sicians established this thriving city that worshipped a harvest goddess the Greeks would call Demeter and her daughter Kore (a.k.a. Persephone).

Enna is traditionally held to be the dead-center of Sicily, and was used by everyone from the Greeks and Romans to the Moors and the Normans as the fulcrum point to divide the island into its traditional trinacria thirds.

It's also, at 3,128 feet, the highest provincial capital in Italy, and has a reputation for being the only city in Sicily not tainted by the Mafia.

There isn't all that much to see here, perhaps half a day's diversions (and recommended mainly to mythology buffs), but it is the biggest town for miles around, and a place to change buses to get to Piazza Armerina.

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Tourist info Enna:
Via Roma 411
tel. +39-0935-528-288
Also: www.ennaturismo.info

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How long?

0–0.5 days » more

Best way to to get there

Enna is dead-center in the middle of Sicily, on the A19 highway that meanders from Catania through the Sicilian interior and up to the northern coast (hitting it about half-way between Palermo and Cefalù). As the capital of the interior, it is well-connected by trains and buses to the rest of Sicily. » more

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