Hotels on Favignana

Where to stay on the Egadi island of Favignana, Sicily

The friendly folk at the tourist office are quite adept at matching you with a rental room either when the hotels are all booked or, in the off-season, closed entirely.

(Even if you don't stay at the Hotel Egadi, try by any means possible to dine there one evening.)

Hotel Egadi
Besides being run by graciously amicable Maria Guiccione and family and being absolutely tranquilissimo—yet only a long block from the main square—this hotel has by far the best restaurant on the island, so do your taste buds a favor and spring for the half pension deal. The furnishings are terminally modular, but done in pleasant Mediterranean blue and white tones. The brand-new mattresses rest on firm beds, and it's the island's only recommendable hotel with all the amenities at reasonable rates. The views are over the tufa-built houses of this oldest neighborhood on the island, although rooms 7-9 peek over these roofs to encompass the western mountains and deep blue of the bay in between. Families can book nos. 11 and 12 with a common indoor as a mini-suite. Via C. Colombo 17, Favignana. tel. +39-0923-921-232. No credit cards. Closed Nov-Apr 19 (restaurant closed Oct-Apr).

Albergo Bougainvillea
A good deal less spiffy than the Egadi but at much more wallet-friendly prices, the 13-room Bougainvillea is around to far side of the bay from the ferry dock, in a fishermen's quarter near the old tuna factory. This simple pensione has large accommodations, thankfully stiff beds, clean baths and tile floors, and futon chairs to add a splash of color to the otherwise modular furnishings. There's a pair of small TV rooms for relaxing. This family-run joint features family-style cooking on its shaded terrace restaurant. Via Cimabue 10, Favignana. tel. +39-0923-922-033 (in winter 0923-22-908). Half pension required June 15-Sept 15. Closed Nov-Mar.

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