Hotels and damusso rental houses on Pantelleria

Where to stay on the Sicilian island of Pantelleria

You could stay in a hotel—and there are some lovely ones—but by far the best way to stay on Pantelleria is to rent a traditional damusso house, an ancient Arabic-style home with thick walls and cupola roofs that stay cool all summer long.

Hotels on Pantelleria

How to rent a damusso on Pantelleria

The kitchen in my rented damusso house
The kitchen in my rented damusso.
Rent a damusso from Call Tour (tel. 011-39-320-460-7803, Depending on size and season, they cost $55 to $120 per night for two people.

During high season (mid-June to early September), most damussi rent by the week, but in off-season you can stay just three or four nights.

Book six months in advance for August, when celebrities and cognoscienti snap up the best properties.

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You can also book damussi—and traditional hotels—at

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