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The sweet wine of Marsala, Sicily

There are plenty of wineries in Marsala that welcome visitors for tours (and tastes!) of their famous sweet, fortified wines. I promise to highlight a few of the best tours soon—but really, you only need drive down the main road past the warehouse-like properties, looking for signs welcoming you in.

There's also a really cool musuem—Museo Archeologico Regionale Baglio Anselmi (tel. +39-0923-952-535)—in one of the old winery warehouses on Via Capo Lilibeo. The museum was created to house the preserved remains of a punic warship (and related archaeological oddments) which sank off the nearby coast in the late 3rd century BC and was discovered in 1971. The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday 9am to 7pm, Monday 9am to 1:30pm. (Adm)

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Marsala tourist information office:
Via XI Maggio 100
tel. +39-0923-714-097

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Planning your time: How long? 0.5 days » more

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Marsala is on the Western coast of Sicily, just 33km (21 miles) south of Trapani. If you are not driving, the best way to get there is by bus or less-frequent regional train. » more

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Marsala tourist information office:
Via XI Maggio 100
tel. +39-0923-714-097

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