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The Agriturimso Capo Santa Fortunata in Sorrento.
A view from the Villaggio Residence Nettuno campground in Massa Lubrense, near Sorrento

Campgrounds around Sorrento from €30 for a campsite for two, or €50–€100 for a cabin or bungalow sleeping 2-4

There are a four campgrounds right in Sorrento, plus another baker's dozen more scattered around the Sorrentine peninsula within a 10–30 minute drive.

(Of these, roughly half are west of Sorrento—out toward the tip of the peninsula around Massa Lubrense—and tend to be more scenic and isolated. The other half are in the more crowded, urbanized, but closer-to-the-sights areas of Piano di Sorrento and S. Agnello just east of Sorrento.)

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How to find a campground in and around Sorrento

How much does camping in Sorrento cost?

Prices tend to range around €30–€45 for a campsite for two.

No tent? No problem! Italian campgrounds also offer some form of cabin, mobile home, or bungalow sleeping 2-4 for anywhere from €50 to €100.

What it is like to camp in Italy?

As in much of the world, Italian campgrounds are a mix of tent sites, RV (motorhome) plots, and cabins or bungalows for rent.

Most have at least basic facilities—usually showers, a camp store, often a pizzeria, WiFi, frequently a pool—and some can approach small village status.

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Italy camping tips
  • Camping in Italy is pretty darn cheap (the biggest attraction, really). It generally costs anywhere from $15 to $65 for two people and a tent, sometimes a wee bit more if you are in a campervan or RV.
  • Keep in mind when you're perusing prices that there are separate charges per person, for the site itself, for the tent, and for the car, (though the car and plot—called "piazzola" in Italian, often come packaged together under one price) so that €5 price tag ends up ringing in more around €18 to €32 for two people car camping with a tent—and that the highest prices are applied in July/August.
  • Most campgrounds are seasonal, shutting down from late September/early October through Easter-ish.
  • Many campgrounds also offer bungalows in case you didn't BYO tent. These run €30 to €100 (as high as €160 in popular areas in July/August).
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How long does Sorrento take?

Planning your time: Sorrento has maybe 2-3 hours of mediocre sightseeing. To be brutally honest it is probably the least interesting town in this area. It is only famous for its location.

Sorrento makes an ideal base for exploring Campania thanks to its location at the nexus of regional public transit—pretty much the only place from which you can get anywhere without having to change mode of transportation: Trains direct to Pompeii and Naples; ferries to Capri; buses or ferries down the Amalfi Coast.

If you prefer the home-base style of travel, Sorrento is the perfect base. Figure on three days/two nights here (hit Pompeii on the train ride down from Naples—you can store your luggage temporarily at the Pompei train station—then spend one day each visiting Capri and the Amalfi Coast).

If, however, you prefer to travel from town to town, just treat Sorrento as a way-station to switch from train to bus or ferry; skip Sorrento entirely and sleep in a more interesting locale on the Amalfi Coast or Capri.

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