Getting to Sorrento

How to get to Sorrento, Italy

Getting to Sorrento by car

You can drive to Sorrento from Naples (or Salerno) on the A3 Autostrada (highway) to Castellammare di Stabia, where you transfer over to the SS145 to Sorrento. (Don't bother with the slower old highway SS118, which parallels the A3.)

Coming from Salerno, you also have the option to take the Amalfi Drivealong the Amalfi Coast to Sorrento. However, this will take much longer, and is actually not recommended (it is far better to drive the other way, from Sorrento to Salerno—in fact, it's worth driving around the long way just to do it properly).

Getting to Sorento by public transportation (train, bus, ferry)

Most people arrive from Naples either by train (59–70 min, €3.60) or by ferry (40 min; €12.30 + €2 per bag).

Some arrive from the Amalfi Coast by bus.

Others go from Naples straight to Capri, then take the ferry from Capri to Sorrento.

Getting to Sorrento from the Naples airport

If you're arriving by air and landing at the Naples airport, the cheapest (€6) and easiest way to get to Sorrento is to take the Curreri bus service (tel. +39-081-801-5420), which leaves six times daily from 9am to 7pm, makes several stops along the way, and arrives at Sorrento in an hour.

You can also take a private car service to Sorrento for about $27.

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How long does Sorrento take?

Planning your time: Sorrento has maybe 2-3 hours of mediocre sightseeing. To be brutally honest it is probably the least interesting town in this area. It is only famous for its location.

Sorrento makes an ideal base for exploring Campania thanks to its location at the nexus of regional public transit—pretty much the only place from which you can get anywhere without having to change mode of transportation: Trains direct to Pompeii and Naples; ferries to Capri; buses or ferries down the Amalfi Coast.

If you prefer the home-base style of travel, Sorrento is the perfect base. Figure on three days/two nights here (hit Pompeii on the train ride down from Naples—you can store your luggage temporarily at the Pompei train station—then spend one day each visiting Capri and the Amalfi Coast).

If, however, you prefer to travel from town to town, just treat Sorrento as a way-station to switch from train to bus or ferry; skip Sorrento entirely and sleep in a more interesting locale on the Amalfi Coast or Capri.

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