Arriving in Naples by cruise ship or ferry

How to get in Naples and out to popular day trip sights (Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, Capri, etc.) from the cruise terminal and ferry port

Naples' main cruise ship terminal and ferry dock is the Molo Beverello, conveniently in the heart of downtown Naples. (Note: Some ferries leave from the neighboring Calata Porta di Massa, just to the left [northeast] of Molo Beverello.)

First I'll detail how to get from the docks in town and the train station, then how to get from the docks to popular regional destinations (Capri, the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii).

If you need to get from the train station to the docks, that's at the bottom of the page.


How to get from the Naples dock of Molo Beverello into the city center or Stazione Centrale train station

Private transfers
Our partner, Viator, offers private transfers to and from the Naples cruise terminal and the airport or train station:

• From the Naples docks to the airport
• From the airport to the Naples docks
• From the Naples docks to the train station
• From the train station to the Naples docks
Luckily, this is pretty easy. Just walk though the cruise terminal and port stations, cross through the narrow parking lot, and you're at a major boulevard. Congratulations. You're now in downtown Naples.

To get around Naples, there are taxis, tours (see below) or you can take the buses and trams.

To get to the Stazione Centrale train station by public transportation, either take a taxi (flat fee for service between the station and the docks: €10.50), or hop on tram #1 headed to your right (east), which will follow the port for a while before turning north (left) into the city, or walk around the Castel Nuovo to Piazza Municipio and board the R2 bus.

The Naples daily paper Il Mattino has a page near the back listing the current transportation schedules for the entire province, including the state and private rail lines, buses, and ferries.

So does Qui Napoli, the free English/Italian tourist information magazine available at the tourist office—and downloadable as a pdf from the city tourism website
Either way, when the bus or tram arrives on the western edge of the expansive Piazza Garibaldi, hop off, cross through the chaos of cars and buses on the piazza, and enter the train station at the far end.

Beware of pickpockets the whole way (at the bus stop, on the bus/tram, and most especially on Piazza Garibaldi and in the train station).

Tours of Naples

How to get from the Naples dock of Molo Beverello to Capri or the Amalfi Coast

"Subway of the Sea"
Probably the most useful line for the Amalfi Coast is the city-run Metro del Mare (, which leaves from both Beverello and the Mergellina docks to Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, Salerno—plus line to Ercolano (Herculaneum) and Pozzuoli (the start of the Campi Flegrei).
This is even easier, since the cruise ship port is the same as the ferry docks. Just hop a ferry. There are several companies (especially out to Capri), but rather than visiting each ferry and hydrofoil company's dock office at the docks to find out which one has the next boat out, use the central clearing house:

Just to the left of the driveway into the dock area (to the right, if you're arriving by boat) is Ontano Tours (tel. +39-081-580-0340), a travel agency that will book you on the next ferry or hydrofoil out, tell you which lines it is, and sell you a voucher that you then carry to that line's dock office to trade in for a ticket—all at no extra cost.

For the record, if you're already at the docks it is, indeed, far, far easier and simpler to just hop a ferry to Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast, or out to Capri. Do not bother trying to work your way to the Naples train station to catch the commuter train out to Sorrento. It may be marginally cheaper, but way more of a hassle and a headache that, frankly, you don't need.

(If you refuse to follow this advice, see above for how to get to the station, then this page on how to catch the Circumvesuviana out to Sorrento.)

Tours to the Amalfi Coast or Capri

How to get from the Naples dock of Molo Beverello to Pompeii

Sign up for a tour (those from our partner,, are listed below). Honestly: it's way easier.

If you'd rather grit your teeth and go it alone, follow the instructions above on how to get to Stazione Centrale; you eventually get off the Circumvesuviana at the "Pompei-Scavi" stop.

Tours to Pompeii & Vesuvius

How to get from Stazione Centrale train station to the Naples docks of Molo Beverello

First purchase a biglietto tram (tram ticket) from any newsstand in Naples Stazione Centrale train station, then exit the station, angle a bit left to cross the bus-choked Piazza Garibaldi out front to the far side where you'll find the stops for tram #1 and bus R2, either of which will get you to the Molo Beverello. (Ask the driver "Molo Beverello?" and he'll let you know when to get off; he's used to us tourists.) You want the bus or tram headed south (to the left).

On the tram #1, it will swing alongside the port past many docks before arriving at Molo Beverello (which is located where the portside boulevard changes names from Via C. Colombo to Via Acton, right in front of the imposing Castel Nuovo castle). On the R2 bus, get off in Piazza Municipio and walk around the Castel Nuovo to the docks.

Beware of pickpockets the entire way (in the station, in the piazza, on the tram, and even on the boat).

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Napoli toursit office:
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