Hotel Fraterna Domus

A killer location, cheap meals, and plenty of Jesus at this religious hospice between Piazza Navona and the river

Fraterna Domus
Via Monte Brianzo 62 (Upper Tiber Bend) - A block off the Tiber River, just north of Piazza Navona
tel. +39-06-6880-5475 (note: covers two sister properties, the sec one ond waaay north of the city)
(you can book it at
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Fraterna Domus religious hospice in Rome, Italy
Fraterna Domus religious hospice in Rome, Italy
Fraterna Domus religious hospice in Rome, Italy

If you don't mind monastic simplicity, tiny bathrooms with curtain-less showers, and a decor that begins and ends with the small crucifix nailed above the bed, this hospice just north of Piazza Navona run by a lay sisterhood may be the ticket.

The beds are firm, the tile floors kept next-to-godliness clean, and the price heavenly.

Unlike some religiously-affiliated lodging around Rome, this one is refreshingly proselytizing-free (though it's always polite to be respectful of their deeply held beliefs).

The bad news: there's an 11pm curfew (but one sister confided to me that they might slip you a front door key if you stay for a week). They also offer excellent full, family-style dinners for a paltry €13 in the basement's communal dining room.

(Note: Do not confuse this with its sister property in Sacrofano, which is located way outside of Rome and is the focus of the shared website.)

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