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How the interactive maps on work interactive maps maps. (Note: the one above, of Florence, is not actually interactive; it's just a snapshot.)
Some people prefer to access travel information using a page (or screen) full of words. Others prefer pictures.

Others find it much easier to look at a map to get a sense of where everything is. wants to help each of those people find the best the information possible. To that end, every major city and region on the site has an interactive map (and most pages have a detail of that map in the right column).

Built on the popular and familiar Google maps platform, these maps allow you to:

  • Zoom in and out
  • View things in a traditional map or a satellite version
  • Click on the colored icons (detailed below) to read about every sight, hotel, restaurant, info point, rail station, parking lot, and other useful intel.

Perfectly plotted maps

These icons were not plotted by some GPS automaton, which often places things in a radically wrong spot (especially in a place like Florence where there are two overlapping street number systems).

No, the icons on the maps were positioned by someone who knows precisely where each hotel, restaurant, sight, and shop is located because he has stayed, eaten, toured, or shopped at each and every one personally.

In fact, you'll sometimes notice the "Google maps" label for some sight or restaurant that is blocks away from the icon for the very same property. Ignore the Google maps label. It was generated by a machine. The one is in the right place.

The map icons

hotel icon' = Reid Recommended hotel Museum icon = museum info= tourist info
hotel icon' = recommended partner hotel Church icon= church parking= parking lot
dining icon = restaurant / snack / gelato flag icon= other sight train= train station
Bar icon= Bar / nightlife shopping= market / shop plane = airport
    ship= port (cruise / ferry)

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